Workers at Fresno Card Room Speak Out Against New Gambling Rules


FRESNO, California – People working at card rooms across California including Club One Casino in Fresno are worried new state gambling regulations could force them to find a new job.

Today, the Bureau of Gambling Control held it’s first public workshop in Clovis, where Club One employees spoke about their success stories and the need for card rooms. 

Kyle Kirkland, owner of Club One Casino and the president of the California Gaming Association said state officials have not provided any details on what changes or new rules they’re considering for card rooms across the state. 

“Any change that changes the way we operate is going to have an affect on our business, our people, our jobs, and our community,” Kirkland said. 

According to Kirkland, Club One employs 300 people and contributes a million dollars a year to the city of Fresno’s general budget. 

“What we’re doing as an industry is communicating to say listen we’re going to be really thoughtful and participate in what the changes are. How they’re going to be implemented,” Kirkland said.

Kirkland and some employees spoke during a public workshop put on by the Bureau of Gambling Control in Clovis on Tuesday. 
Michael Nelson works at Club One Casino for about 10 years, he feels tribal casinos are pressuring state officials to do away with card games. 

“We would essentially lose a good chunk of our gaming. In terms of staffing, we would certainly have to down size if we were able to stay open,” Nelson said. 

State official plan to reveal more information on the new rules and regulations before their next workshop in March in Southern California.